The mission of the Nano Electro Mechanical System (NEMS) Research Center is to cultivate talents and basic technologies in micro and nano electro mechanical systems to promote the country’s industrial development. Simultaneously, the research center is working on cultivation of talents, R&D and integration of technologies and promotion of industrial development.
N E M S ’s  operation team stresses cultivation innovative talents and technologies in the micro nano electromechanical fields so as to spur Taiwan’s development and competitiveness. Their strategies for success include:
1.    Create mutual trust mechanisms and recognition through bi-directional communication and to jointly draw up the organization strategy and departments to ensure stable longterm operations.

2.    Maintain high-standard research environment and culture to encourage researchers in each institute and department to participate enthusiastically and work diligently.

3.    Coordinate integrated cross-institute / Interdisciplinary research talents and facilities to carry out largescale research and talent cultivation.

4.    Enhance cooperation with industry in order to sustain development of the Center.
With a total area of 300 square meters, the Center is located at the Institute of Applied Mechanics, and generally divided into administration offices, lithography room, testing room, etching room, furnace room and facility rooms. Also, a system design room, with an area of 36 square meters, is set up at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The total capital investment so far exceeds NT 300 million dollars. To ensure that the open laboratory system enables all faculties, students and staff members to make good use of the center laboratory facilities, NEMS’s laboratory operation management stresses four key issues, safety, environmental protection, quality and service.
1.    Safety: Operation management personnel and all laboratory users must be qualified with training in industrial safety and sanitation and hazardous chemical substance handing.
2      Environmental Protection: A variety of liquid waste and disposal recycling process equipment has been installed to meet environmental protection regulations and prevent biohazards from entering the campus environment.
3.    Quality: All laboratory management procedures and documents are drawn up in accordance with ISO 9000 standards and announced on the center’s website:
4.    Service: Several computer networks and online technical databases are in operation and reservation systems for equipment application and educational training networks are also available.
In developing the micro electromechanical industry and the sustainable operation of the center, cooperation between industry and university include technological services and cooperative technological development. As for technological services, the center provides on-site technological training. In addition, the center develops technologies and applies for patent rights together with industry. 
So far, negotiated joint developments include back- light baffle and polarized transformer of LCD monitor, surface acoustic wave (SAW) device, temperature and pressure sensors in a mold and integrated microwave passive device.

Future R&D activities will be focused on nanotechnology.
As to operation management, in order to utilize the Center research resources effectively, develop the process technological margin, ensure high-quality R&D and speed up the talent cultivation, key points in future planning are:
1.    Micro / nano electromechanical technologies,
2.     Database of standard technologies,
3.     Common teaching materials for network version micro / nano electromechanical system.
In its future development, the Research Center will be the crucial bridge between university and industry to promote innovative research and a window for technological exchange of micro / nano electromechanical system around the world in hopes of making Taiwan one of the world leaders in micro / nano electromechanics.

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